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MUSIC from the ANDES...and nearby regions  Español
Photo: Paige Stasney - Girl plays at an improvised soccer goal in a settlement near Vicco, Peru (~4100m/13500 ft above sea level)

I've been collecting music from the Andean Cordillera during college and for years afterward. Please e-mail any corrections or comments. There is a wide - and growing - variety of examples here. I hope you'll be inspired to look further into the music and other sociocultural facets of the Andes region and South America in general. Be sure to check your local listings for live performances of this music. CDs are also available - James Duncan, Santa Cruz, California, USA

If you can help with more information on the artists, titles, and record numbers, be sure to e-mail me.

Plus...MORE SONGS with notes by Paul Farren of the London group,  ACHALAY. This is wonderful hand picked music from Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay and Colombia.

Music Files - the Andes and more
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Newest additions   Most recent update Nov 21, 2017
El regreso sabor a Pachamama - Grupo Bonanza Zariri - Yawar Inka
Adios Me Dijo Mi Negro - Grupo Feminino Bolivia Tu Boda - Grupo Feminino Bolivia
Kuna Taquiraki - Soñar no es pecado Por Ti - Agrupacion Raymi Bolivia
Llorando Se Fue - Machu Picchu Niño Bonancita - Bolivian villancico - Bonanza
No volveremos a vagar
John Williams
Hortensia - Machu Picchu
Gloria - Takillakkta Coplas Americana - Canto Popular
Jacha Uru - Las Valijas Aguita de Putina - Los Uros del Titicaca
Manchay Puyto - Ayopaya Manta Ojos Azules - Los Uros del Titicaca
Icaisa - Grupo Icaisa Atahuallpa - K'ala Marka
Cueca: La Huerfana Virginia - Bolivia
Alejandro Camara - charango master

Fabiana Claure - live piano concert
Atahuallpa - live in La Paz, Bolivia (YouTube)
Atahuallpa (1497-1533) was the last Inca Empire leader (Sapa Inca). He was executed by the Spanish under Pizarro on August 29. The empire declined after his death. This is why an ominous ring in the middle of the tune.

Grupo Bonanza - Bolivia 'Baila Morena' - Pueblo Andina
'Los Pobres Tambien Somos Felices' - Los Aukish 'Quintucha' - Runas
'Sube A Nacer Conmigo' - Los Calchakis 'Chiquitina' - Signos
'Zumampa'- Los Calchakis 'A Don Ata' - Dolly Principe
'Palomitayqa' - Dolly Principe 'El Caso Wayanay' - Chopkjas
'Kay Mayu' - Qary Bastidas 'Luna Bonita' - Marcela Morelo
'Contigo Sera Mi Corazon' - Maya Andina 'Rumisonqo' - Betty Lafuente
'Gritaré Tu Nombre' - Karal Mamitay - Teo Rios

Older (pre-90s) - "Oldies"  (as compared to new Andean music) 

Pollerita  - Bolivia//Los Chacos
If you find this classic disc, buy it without hesitation. It's called "El Condor Pasa - La Flute Magique avec Los Chacos" and every piece is great. Barclay was a French label; this LP was released in 1969.

'Los diez mandamientos del matrimonio' - Bolivia/Los Incas

'Una Luz en los Andes' - Bolivia//Ronald Soliz y grupo Kjashwa

Agnus Dei - Misa Criolla - Argentina/Ariel Ramirez

Gloria - Misa Criolla - Argentina/Ariel Ramirez

Danza del Altiplano - Bolivia//David Burgess, Guitar

Dueña de mi se' - Bolivia//Aymuray/Carlos Rene Crespo

'Rumbo al Socavón' - Bolivia//morenada/Zulma Yugar

Quiero Yo Bailar - Bolivia//morenada/Conjunto Los Rupay 1:52

Cacharpaya - Conjunto Los Rupay 1:54

'La Paloma' - Chile//Los Folkloristas (Mexico) 2:12

'Una Paloma' - Bolivia/trad/ vocal masculino  2:03

'Llamerada' - Bolivia/ danza del altiplano//Los Calchakis

Vamonos - Bolivia//Aymuray/Carlos Rene Crespo

Tata Quillacas - Bolivia//Los Yuras  Compre este CD

Yo Ya Me Estoy Yendo- Bolivia//Los Yuras Compre este CD

'Ankatuma' - Bolivia//Los Yuras Compre este CD

'Caballito Blanco' - Bolivia//Los Yuras Compre este CD

'Tema de la Mina' - Bolivia//Los Yuras Compre este CD

'Huayra Muyhoj' - Argentina//Los Calchakis

'Campanas del Olvido' - Colombia//Los Chacos

'El Rio Blanqueno' - Colombia//Los Guacharacos

'Escogio mi Corazon' - Ecuador//Aymuray/Carlos Rene Crespo

Andean 1 - Peru//Dr. Raúl García Zárate, vocal con guitarra

Tinkuna - Eddy Navia//Cumbre(The Summit)/Sukay Records

Daniela Soledad - Eddy Navia//'En Charango' CD

'Soncoyman' - Peru/Ecuador yaravi//Sergio Cuevas. sólo de arpa

Sicuris - Bolivia//Los Chacos

La Boliviana - Bolivia-N. Argentina//Los Chacos

El Tarapaca -  Argentina//Los Chacos

Munahuanqui - Peru//Los Chacos

Negrita - Argentina//Los Chacos

Borrachito Ladron - Bolivia//Los Chacos

Indiecito Dormido -  N. Argentina//Los Chacos

El Condor Pasa -  Peru//Los Chacos
Daniel Alomia Robles - "El Condor Pasa" en el año 1913. Más Información.

Bayon de Madrid - Paraguay/orquidea//Sergio Cuevas. sólo de arpa

''Viva Cochabamba' - (sicuri) - Bolivia//K'jarkas

'Kunatakiraki' - Bolivia/huayno//Sukay

Vuelo del Condor - flute/ensemble

'Bailando Con Los Sikuris' - Los Ruphay

'Koli Pankarita' - Bolivia//cantado en aymara//Zulma Yugar

Rosa Carmin - Savia Andina
Es una cueca de Néstor Olmos y el conjunto que la interpreta es Savia Andina. Los instrumentos utilizados son: guitarra, harango, quenas y percusión (básicamente bombo)

Chirihuayrita - Bolivia//Savia Andina

'Hoy te Pido Que Me Olvides' - Ecuador//Sukay

Morenita - Bolivia//Amaru

'Ronda de la Ceiba Ecuatoriana' - Rafael Manriquez

Unaimanta - Bolivia/Ukamau

Imillita' - Bolivia//Awatiñas

Hanacpachap Cussicuinin - Thought to be the first multi-voiced music composed in the New World, this simple but intriguing piece is found in a collection of sacred music compiled in 1631, but was likely written some years earlier...more Lyrics

Canción de Bolivia  - unknown

Me Querido Potosi - "My Beloved Potosi" - Bolivia//Enriqueta Ulloa - BUY CD

Aguinaldo Jibaro - Harp Fusion, University of Arizona, USA

Dalia Morada - Enriqueta Ulloa - BUY CD

Paloma Del Alma Mia - Ana Cristina Cespedes - BUY CD

De Regreso - Emma Junaro - BUY CD

Añoranzas - Grupo Bolivia - BUY CD

Bartolino Sisaman - Luzmila Carpio -BUY CD

Senora Su Hija - Los Kjarkas -BUY CD





Music Files - nearby regions or similar styles
These may also be interesting to Andes region music lovers

Rodrigo Martinez Villancico from Cancionero de Palacio (from Nowstar Renaissance)

Ecuadoran Tune Played in Ragtime

'Barlovento' - Venezuela//Los Caracas - Lyrics

'El Gavilán'  - Venezuela//live performance/
música llanera/vocal/harp/ensemble -

'La Gota Fria' (vallenato)- Colombia//Carlos Vives - Lyrics

Rodrigo Martinez - vocal 1:39

Folia - based on Rodrigo Martinez tune

So We'll Go No More A-Roving - John Williams

Passacaille - a pretty French passacaglia sung in Spanish

La púrpura de la rosa (The Blood of the Rose) - First staged in 1659 in Peru, this is the New World's first known opera composition. The brief clip is from the music by Torrejón y Velasco.  More info about this early opera is available by searching on the Internet.  There are occasional contemporary performances. CD More info

Spanish Tarantela - the Spanish influence - Lucas Ruiz de Ribavaz

Oy comamos y bebamos - Juan del Encina - Nashville Early Music Ensemble

Branle gai - the French influence - Pierre Attaingnant (c. 1494 - 1551)

'Que dises, mei bon fraire' - the Spanish influence- old song from French Provence 

Ayo visto lo mappamundi - Italian Renaissance
("I've seen the map of the world") The tune has an atmosphere and styling not unlike some Andes tunes. Ironically, it was inspired by the explorer voyages of the 15th century, which had sad dire consequences for indigenous populations of the day.

'Song'  - it does have harp and flutes, but this song has nothing to do with the other music except that it's extremely pretty - my favorite example of European operatic singing. Our Boleadora visitors have broad tastes. Recorded from a long out of print vinyl LP.

Kak za Donom za rekoy  This isn't Andean either but is a sample of the music on my Russian folk and dance music website RICHKA.COM. Be sure to check it out!

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